June 10, 2013

Both Ends of the Spectrum

In the past, I've hunted for vintage depending upon the current season I'm experiencing.  But, since many of my buyers are international, I've decided to show equality to all seasons and post all types of vintage in the shop now.  After all, I don't want to show favoritism- I love all my vintage lovin' friends!

1960s KARENINA Pink Dress // 1970s Bohemian White Applique Dress

1950s Cheongsam HEAVENLY GARDEN Dress // 1960s COLT ORIENT Party Dress

1980s Floral GULMARG Shorts // 1990s Silk OSCAR DE LA RENTA Blue Shorts

1980s CRISS CROSS Heels // 1950s OUT OF THIS WORLD Necklace
Antique Victorian Turquoise Pin // 1960s Black Embroidered Scarf

1950s Mink Collar 2 Piece Suit // 1960s AFTERNOON STROLL Lbd

1950s Floral REVERIE Dress // 60s AUGUSTA American Golfer Dress

What season are you experiencing right now where you are?

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