June 7, 2013

Beach Beauties

Happy Friday!  The frequency of my family trips to the beach increase as the weather warms up here in SoCal.  I don't know about other shop owners out there, but my current climate often affects what goes in the shop.  So, since the temperatures are rising, more swimwear gets listed.  All of these are in the shop, and there are more to come!
Find these bathing suits HERE

Also, just because I love vintage photos, enjoy the following beach bombshell photos.  Which one's
your favorite?  My all time favorite vintage bathing suit photo is definitely of the iconic Grace Kelly in her two piece white suit, although the photo of Elizabeth Taylor and how she styled her little romper is insanely pretty. Gorgeous and classy!


Shot in LIFE, April Issue of 1950 by Nina Leen

Grace Kelly


Elizabeth Taylor
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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  2. Super cute swimsuits. I love the blue one in the top right.

  3. These are marvelous!! I agree with the above - you capture the unique and for me that is real style!! They are all covered in the latest trends, they create them and that's the marvel of fashion, the creation!! Not just seeing what's trendy and following it. The girl in the 3rd, 4th and 5th picture is wonderful, have spotted her in other places, no idea who she is, but I just love her!!Marvelous shots!! Xx

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