February 8, 2013

Shop Update - Lots of Eye Candy

1960s Charm School Dress, 1950s Peplum Blouse, Mid Century Lace Collar
1960s Floral Bouquet, 1960s Sailor Girl Dress, 1970s Adrian Dress
1970s Pink Sheep Sweater, 1960s Fur Trimmed Boots, 1960s Pink Nightgown 
1970s Gauzy Cotton Dress, 1970s Cream Silk Blouse
Romantic 1950s Dress
Vintage Christian Dior Cream Eyelet Dress

Here's the first half of this week's shop update.  Once again, isn't that Dior piece stunning?  The construction is amazing.  I also love all the pretty details this week like the collars, print, and fabric.  Which is your favorite?


  1. The 'Charm School' dress and pink sheep sweater are so adorable! And the Dior is absolutely stunning.

  2. OMG that Dior could definitely be a wedding dress. Can't believe I didn't realise your shop actually have a blog... :)