August 23, 2012

Vintage Overload

1960s Silk Chiffon Dress
1940s Black Faille Dress
1950s/60s White Eyelet Sheath Dress
left: 80s Ferragamo T-Strap Heels right: 70s Cream Mary Janes
1960s Olive Green Mod Heels
70s does 30s pink nightgown
top left: 1960s navy blue straw hat  top right: vintage marcasite ballerina brooch
bottom left: oversized navy blue clutch   bottom right: 1930s Black Heels
left: 1980s oversized knit tank  right: 1960s seersucker pinstripe skirt
1940s/50s little girl's vintage dress
1950s Lanz Embroidered Wedding Dress

I hadn't realized how long it'd been since I'd given a shop update, so there's an overload of items being shown today.  But, if you're like me, I never get tired of seeing pretty vintage clothing.

 I like this update because there are just as much accessories as dresses that I really find beauitful, espeically the shoes.  For me, summer is not over yet, so I'm still listing the remainder of my whites and creams.  My favorites right now have to be the cream mary janes and the last 1950s wedding dress.  Do any stand out to you?

By the way, I really do enjoy blog posts about shop updates.  I used to think they were uninteresting, but realized what is more interesting than looking at other people's vintage finds?  I can't get enough of looking at vintage clothing!



  1. Vintage overload? NO SUCH THING. I love those olive green mod shoes, and that little girl's poodle dress is so cute!

  2. I love the green mod shoes too and the little ballerina brooch is adorable!

  3. I really like the ballerina pin super cute.