August 22, 2012

Leaving On a Jet Plane

Business in the shop and on this blog mistakenly gives the impression that I have been taking a long break this month.  However, that is far from the truth because I don't think I've lost so much sleep since I've had a newborn in the house.  I've been busy preparing for my sale in September, which meant mending, cleaning, ironing, steaming, and measuring over 100 pieces of vintage over the past two weeks while trying to run the house as status quo and occasionally listing in the good ol' shop.  The stress has caused a breakout on my face that I haven't seen since college and my first real grey hair. Yikes!  Not happy with either.

Fortunately, we have a friend's wedding to attend up in NorCal this weekend, so I'm staying at my parents house with the kids for a few extra days.  I don't get to see my parents that often, so I'm always excited to see them, and so are my kids.  There's no one that can cook Korean food quite like my mom can, and it's like I have 24 hours babysitting when I'm here!  I'll be visiting San Francisco and my alma mater, so more posts to come!

So, all this is to say that I'm on vacation until August 27th and will ship all orders when I return.  I will still be updating the shop regularly, so please take a look! Thanks!


  1. Enjoy your break Anna. Sounds like it's well deserved!

    1. Thanks, Teresa! I'm actually having a great time thrifting! Can't really escape work, but at least I enjoy what I do!