August 15, 2012

Lil Snippets - All Vintage

I haven't done a Lil Snippets post in a while because I usually am not good about taking pictures throughout the day.  Without planning it, today happened to be an all vintage day and I actually captured it on my iphone!  This explains the fuzzy quality of some of these pictures, but I love the accessibility of the iphone.  I seriously can't remember what life was like before this phone.

So, in no particular order, here was my day:

1. Jessie has a taste for vintage.  She refused to take this red vintage hat off so I could photograph it.  So, I photographed her instead.

2.  Trying to be hipster wearing vintage frames with no lenses. NOT.  Actually, I've always wanted to wear glasses.  I think they make most people look super cute.  But, I've always had perfect vision.  I decided to just play around with these vintage frames.  What do you think?  Maybe I will be hipster and wear these around just for fun!

3.  A close up of a 1940s little girl's vintage dress that will be listed tonight.  It's a poodle with little hearts hanging out of its mouth.  I actually photographed a lot of vintage today trying to get ready for my sale, and preparing some listings for when I'll be on vacation.

4.  I spent all morning trying to figure out a vintage dress with both of these tags.  I asked on my facebook, instagram, twitter, and actual vintage sellers if they had any idea if the famous costume designer, Charles Le Maire, actually designed for Saks at one point.  No one knew so I actually emailed Saks Fifth Avenue to see if they could dig up any records.  They're going to get back to me within a week.  My hunch tells me that it's legit, and if it is, I'm amazed that I even have this dress in my possession.  More to come on Charles Le Maire on another post, if you don't know of him.

5.  My kids were dancing around while watching their favorite show, "Dinosaur Train," so I decided to sneak in a little 10 minutes of leisure reading of a 1967 design book.  It was full of black and white pictures of amazing homes from the 60s.  This has to be one of my favorite rooms photographed- the hanging plants, raised bookshelf,  and the large windows! Dream room for sure!

How was your day?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Wow, you've been busy blogging! Love it!

  2. all kiddos should be forced to wear vintage hats! cute!

  3. That hat looks like it was made for Jessie. So cute! Love the frames on you too though if you want to be a true hipster you'll have to take the lenses out. ;)