August 14, 2012

Shop Update: Still Hot

1930s/40s Peach Slip with Blue Bows

1980s Neon Bikini

1970s Yellow Bombshell Maxi Dress

1970s Smocked Sundress

1950s Rayon Abstract Print Shell Top

1960s Garden Party Dress by Carol Brent

left: 1970s Boy Blazer, right: 1970s Boy Jumper Set

1950s Black Diamond LBD

I feel like I was listing more transitional pieces this time last summer, but the weather is in scorching hot mode, so my shop hasn't taken that turn quite yet.  It's currently having a midsummer sale, and will be going on for a while because I will be quite busy in the upcoming weeks, again. 

I would love to wear that little abstract print blouse, but it is a tad too big for me.  It's a cool rayon too, which would be great for this weather! 

If you all have some tips on how to stay cool while not blasting the AC, I would much appreciate it.  But, I digress.  Have a great day and viva la vintage!

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