August 13, 2012

My First Overnighter

As previously mentioned, my husband and I went on a trip to Vegas to send off my twenties!  Besides the 110 degree weather, everything made this one of the best trips we've taken together so far.  Everything just worked out for the best.

After checking into our hotel, Planet Hollywood, I found dirty wet towels all over the bathroom of our hotel.  We told the front desk about it and stated we would be leaving for dinner so housekeeping could alleviate this problem while we were gone. We arrived back in our room 4 hours later at midnight, and there were still dirty wet towels all over the floor.  After my dramatic performance at the front desk, we received a free upgrade to their panoramic suite, which was gorgeous! 

Part of the view from our suite.

Our room upon entering.  This was only 20% of the hotel.

Planet Hollywood's interior is decorated with old movie memorabilia.  This coffee table contained image stills and props used from the 1952 movie, "The Greatest Show on Earth." 

In addition to the above movie props, they had actual costumes used in the movie "Singing in the Rain," and "Gentlemen Prefer Blones," but because of my small point and shoot and lack of lighting, I was unable to take good pictures. 

The hubs and I consumed lots of food on this trip.  We were able to enjoy each other's company and not worry about feeding the kids and cleaning up after their mess.  The first restaurant we chose was the French restaurant Mon Ami Gabi, which is on the strip and has a great view of the Bellagio fountains and hotel.  The food was delicious, the service was top-notch, and the people watching was very interesting. Las Vegas sure has an eclectic mix of people!

The next day, we hit up Max Brenner, inside the Caesar's Palace Forum Shoppes, for lunch.  Due to a late night of partying (yes, we actually partied. haha.), we slept in, checked out late, and had a late lunch.  Max Brenner specializes in chocolate, as you can tell by the picture below.  Everything was delicious!

Max Brenner's onion rings dusted with chocolate powder with dark chocolate ranch dipping sauce.  These were the best onion rings I've ever had and the dipping sauce was tasty!

Our Vegas trip would not be complete without a visit to a buffet, so we decided to try Wicked Spoon inside the Cosmpolitan.  I've only tried one other buffet in Vegas, which is the one in Bellagio, and although Bellagio is a little bigger, Wicked Spoon's food was tastier and the price was unbeatable in Vegas.  This was my dessert tray and I was not disappointed.  The hubs made me stuff the red velvet cookies into my purse for the trip home though and I've never felt more senior citizen-like than at that moment.  But, I had a good laugh.

This is what we look like without kids.  Haha.

Anyhow, I'm so thankful for my mom for allowing us to have this little mini 26 hour trip.  She is amazing with my kids so I felt even more relaxed during our little excursion.  Also, it helped we won a little gambling!  It's never fun to lose. 

I do have to admit, I missed my kids.  I have never had an overnighter since the first one was born, and I was that mom that kept pointing out "Jonah would have loved this" or "Jessie would have screamed at that."  My husband said, "I don't miss the kids at all." haha.  By the way, he's like the best father, but a bit less emotional.  Would I do it again?  Hell yes! 


  1. Hooray for 30! And what a lovely way to spend you last couple of days in your twenties. Your room and the food looks amazing, and I think it's awesome you snaffled some of the cookies in your handbag. :)

  2. Awesome outfit! have a good time!