August 9, 2012

shop update: Vintage for Different Occasions

Revolving Styles vintage strives to bring classic vintage pieces into the modern wardrobe.  It's been a while since my last shop update, so I wanted to switch up this shop update and suggest different events and occasions a woman could possibly wear these pieces. 

Brunch with the Girls

1950s Beige Linen Dress with Bow Sash

1960s Mod Heels

1960s White Ruffled Dress

A Day at the Beach

1970s Crochet Sundress

1960s Jantzen Ombre

1980s Saved By The Bell Neon Bikini

1970s Eyelet Studded Sandals

Cocktail Party

1950s Black Wiggle Silk Dress

1970s White Maxi Dress

Guest at a Wedding

1950s Mint Green Jonathan Logan Dress

1960s Orange Sherbet Shirtwaist Dress

1970s Peach Sweetheart Dress
 Do you agree or disagree with my wardrobe options for the different events?  Also, the shop is having a midsummer sale of 20% off, so take a look!

1 comment:

  1. Great choices! I would love to wear the 60s white ruffle dress to brunch. :)