August 8, 2012

A Long Celebration

Dirty thirty kids-free Vegas trip.  The best ever!  (taken in the dark on my iphone.)

Trip to the aquarium.

I love this face.
I feel like I have these posts every week explaining why I've been MIA from the blog and the shop.  I give mad props to the shop owners out there that can balance running the vintage shop while being a full time stay at home mom.  I've lost that balance moreso these past couple of weeks because of the Olympics, and because I'm just having the most fantastic summer with my loved ones.

My husband and I were able to take a kids-free trip to Vegas to celebrate my dirty thirty and we had the most wonderful time together.  We had some luck in black jack and roulette, which made the trip even better! :P  More pics from this trip to come.

Also, since Jessie's older, and the California weather has been gorgeous, our family has been enjoying more quality time on the weekends, which means I've had to give up some time dedicated to the shop.  But, sometimes, there are necessary sacrifices and I believe I've made the right choice. 
But, now the guilt of not contributing as much monetarily is settling in and I'm also missing finding new vintage, so I'll be slowly getting back into the groove.  It helps that swimming is over in the Olympics too.  Expect more frequent posts! I promise!

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