August 1, 2012

Endless Blue Sky

This past weekend, we took Jessie to the beach for the first time ( I think.)  I wasn't sure if she'd like the beach because she really doesn't like touching grass.  But, she loved it, as well as my son!  I love this picture because she's holding a shovel and I managed to capture two birds in flight against the amazing blue sky and ocean!

I love baby feet. So precious!

This was an impromptu trip on a warm weekend, so of course being in southern CA, the beach was packed.  But, isn't the sky gorgeous?

My heart melts when I watch these two parallel play.  Not so much when they play together and fight.

Meet my husband, the man who is unable to take normal pictures.

I'm behind on work due to the Olympics and because I really am enjoying spending time with my family.  Summer is definitely the best season!  Plus, my dirty 30 is coming up!

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  1. Such an adorable family! The beach looks great too. That's so funny that your daughter doesn't like touching grass ;-)