July 26, 2012

The Future of Fashion

I actually already shared this on my Facebook page, but I was entertained watching this clip made in the 1930s predicting what women would be wearing in the year 2000.  Here are my thoughts.

1. Can't believe the year 2000 was 12 years ago!
2. The "hair-raising" is not far off from the trendy top buns today.
3. Love the shoes and the interesting wedge heels.
4. Not a fan of the "electric head light" to catch an honest man because it's silly and it will not work.
5. I find it hilarious there were so many ideas for regulating body temperature like the electric belt.
6. I still found the outfits amazing to look at.

What are your thoughts and did you find the clothing as fun and pretty to look at as I did?


  1. "because it's silly and will not work" that's kind of silly and annoying because it was you know, seventy years before 2000. How were they to know it wouldn't work?

    1. Wow anonymous, my comment was in reference to using the light to find an honest man, not the light itself. The original comment made in the video was being facetious and so was I. But, thanks for reading!