July 24, 2012

Bolder Shop Update

Early 1960s Floral Cotton Blouse

1960s Retro Hawaiian Dress

1960s White Linen Coat and Dress Set with Crochet Detail

1960s Navy BLue Kelly Handbag on Sale!

Love this 1960s LBD by Miss Elliotte

Cutest White Baby Shoes

1930s/40s Maxi Dress with the most Interesting Novelty Print

Bold Wood and Brass 1970s Necklace

After stocking the shop up with pretty whites and pastels, I decided to put a little more bold and colorful items in.  I know the coat and dress set is white, but you've got to be bold to wear white linen and an amazing coat as that one!

Also, the shop is on sale for only one more week.  Beginning in August, I will be slowly downsizing to prepare for my fab.com sale in September, so if you're eyeing something, I suggest you purchase it soon before it's out of the shop!

Enjoy the vintage goodies!

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