May 17, 2012

Hot & Cold

1930s/40s handpainted maxi dress
1940s W. Germany Signed Mother of Pearl Ring

left: 1950s Shirtwaist dress  right: 1940s/50s floral wrap dress

1950s powder blue party dress

1960s wicker basket purse

1970s Ombre Cameo Necklace

1960s Two Tone Pink Velvet and Chiffon Dress

1950s D'Antonios Slingbacks

1980s Patent Leather FERRAGAMO espadrilles

1970s 30s Inspired White Maxi Dress

1950s/60s Warm Tones Dress

left: 1970s Midriff Mauve Top right: 1970s Goldenrod Secretary Top

1970s Cotton blend Malco Modes Jumper Dress
This shop update consists of many cool tones mixed with some warm tones.  Whichever your prefer, all the pieces would look amazing for the season.  I sort of gasped when I found the 1930s handpainted dress so that one would have to be my favorite.  The last black jumper dress just makes me want to go dancing and swing my skirt around!  Hope you guys like some of these finds!