May 16, 2012

Is May Over Yet?

the one picture where my son is smiling.

someone's got to teach me how to put a headband on my daughter.

i like my husband

This month has been the most tiring and longest month for my family and me.  Our little girl, Jessie, turned 1 and we decided to throw her 2 parties on 2 different weekends.  The dohl was low key and mostly family and close college friends, but the prep going into it was time consuming.  And, throwing two parties on back to back weekends is not an easy feat, my friends.  Thank goodness the second one was just at a park with close church friends and was super low key, but it was still tiring.  I'm very ready for May to be over.  Yes, it was exciting to see my daughter turn one, but prepping, planning, and partying has wiped me out.  I'm in a little rut with the shop due to this busy May and there's something about starting a new month that makes me more motivated to work and blog more.  Anyone understand how I feel?
Anyhow, above are photos taken by NickG Photography.  I am so thankful they were present at the dohl to capture such special moments.  I wish I had a better picture of my 1960s Peach Lace dress, but I was too busy running around that day to stand still long enough to have my picture taken.  I will wear it again, and when I do, I shall post a picture!  My mom loved the dress though!  Anyone else looking forward to June?


  1. Gorgeous photos Anna! I love the shot where you're trying to put the headband on Jessie. :)

    I've felt May to be hectic too and I don't even have any adorable kiddies to keep me busy! Hopefully June slows down a little.

  2. you did a great job with the dohl, mama. you deserve some rest. i hope the kiddos and hubby treat you well. :) jessie is such a cutie!! oh and i love the pic of jonah smiling. so adorable. he's a sweet one.

  3. Wow. You are a super mom. Those pics are gorgeous, and so are the little ones.

  4. These pictures are fabulous--you and your family are all beautiful! Here's to a quieter rest-of-May.