May 21, 2012

My Fav Apps

I am not app crazy like some of my friends, but I do have my favorites.  These  are definitely apps I go to nearly every day, several times a day, and rely on in crunch time situations.  Well, some of them are at least.  The best part is all of these are free!

What are your favorite apps and do you have any that I should check out?

I love my instagram app.  I love looking at other people's shots and lives and I love that I can capture pictures of my own life, especially my kids, and have a little album I can go back to.  Follow me on instagram under revolvingstyles!

This allrecipes app is definitely the most useful one I have. I can mark my favorite recipes and access my phone whenever I need a refresher on how to make a certain meal, or if I have no idea what I'm going to make for dinner, I can use this app to save me.

I always look for vintage garage sales to go to on the weekends, so I love my craigslist app.  I actually prefer the app than the one on the internet because the app provides a little picture icon next to the sale description.  This app helps me plan my Saturday mornings!

I don't watch tv anymore except on Tuesday nights (Glee and New Girl.)  If I do watch tv, I stream everything off of netflix and I love that I can watch shows from my own bed if I want to.  I haven't used this app yet with my children in times of desperation, so I guess I haven't been desperate enough yet to whip this out.  But, it's good to know that if we're stuck somewhere and my kids are completely antsy or insane, I have this as a crutch.

I really have no clue about make up or any type of beauty products.  So, I love that this app has reviews and options on so many products out there and it's extremely easy to navigate!!

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  1. I love my apps too!
    Instagram is wonderful and I pretty much can't live without the Twitter app either. Evernote is super handy too. :)