May 23, 2012

Dress Up

1950s cotton pique floral dress

1950s teena paige check ombre dress

1970s Ferragamo Mod Loafers

1940s White Bird Embroidered Dress

1950s Blue Brushstrokes Dress

1970s Secretary Blouse with purple floral embroidery

1970s Little Girls' Yellow VIntage Dress

1950s Raw Silk Nautical Dress

1930s Blue Striped Skirt

1950s/60s Purple Chevron Chiffon Prom Dress

1960s Jacquard Ivory Designer Wedding Dress

I really like this mid-week shop update.  Firstly, love the light summery color palette.  The weather's warming up and these dresses are dying to be worn!  Also, I rarely have prom or wedding dresses in the shop, but I added a few and can I say, I had some fun modeling the purple prom chiffon dress! 

This past week, someone on twitter or instagram (can't remember) made a comment about how Californians wear mini skirts with Uggs way too much. I have seen far too many of this California trend while living in the OC and I make the same grimacing look/sound everytime I see it.  It seems so nonsensical to me to wear lined boots with booty bearing skirts/shorts.  Silly little fad.  Just throw on a pretty dress!

1 comment:

  1. Such pretty dresses!

    And oh my! Ugg boots! I'm so sorry they made their way out of Australia. They should only ever be worn as slippers and inside the comfort of one's own home! I too grimace everytime I see someone wearing them outside and especially with a dress.