March 5, 2013

What a Difference a Day Makes

I had a really good day yesterday.  I rarely feel productive and efficient, but yesterday, I really thought I had it all together.  I baked, entertained my kids, made 3 meals, and even worked on the shop.  

That feeling was sure fleeting because today was a hard day.  My little one came down with some sort of stomach bug and threw up 3 times in the morning, twice in the car, and has had diarrhea every 30 minutes.  To prevent a horrible diaper rash, I'm washing her toosh in the sink under warm water instead of with wipes.  While carrying her to the sink in her diaper, the diarrhea leaked onto my shirt.  Not complaining here, just stating facts.  

Today's definitely not running as smoothly as yesterday, but seriously, why should I ever expect the days to run smoothly?  Haha.  We will all survive and thank goodness for Disney movies.  It's been a difficult day, but not necessarily a bad one.  

Anyhow, I baked these cookies yesterday, with the help of my children, and I think they're really delicious.  You can't even tell that they're whole wheat!  They're whole wheat oatmeal chocolate chip raisin cookies and even my husband and children eat them.  My husband even said they were good.  So, if you want a healthier option with simple ingredients, try these!  I took the recipe from here and just added some raisins.  If you do bake them, let me know how they turn out! 



  1. Sorry for your rough day and hope your little one feels better soon! Delicious cookies. I am up for baking a cake and brownies myself today!

    1. thanks for your kind wishes! a cake seems so daunting, but I would love to try one soon! tell me how it goes!

    2. sadly it was kind of a whomp whomp (especially the frosting)~~ sigh~~ :) hoping for better luck next time!

  2. the fact you baked those delicious looking things is amazing! making toast is my
    level of food skills right now...ha! hope your wee one (and her butt) is all better!

  3. Sorry to hear your little one is sick, I hope she's feeling better.