February 27, 2013

Mid Week Blues

The shop was supposed to have a good number of items listed today, but I came home from a busy morning to a power outage.  Thankfully, the power came on after a couple of hours.  But, while I was trying to load all my photos, my computer froze and then somehow erased all of the photos I needed for the shop update both on my camera and the computer.  I can't find them anywhere.  So, this short shop update will have to do for today and I will be back with hopefully LOTS of new goodies tomorrow night.  Thanks for your patience.  Also, the shop is having a 48 hour sale until the beginning of March, so enjoy that at least please!

On a brighter note, isn't the color palette pretty?  You can click the link to my shop to the right of my blog.  I have many more neutrals and pastels coming, so stay tuned.  Also, many many pretty shoes. 


  1. Oh no! Having the power go out and then losing your photos! :(
    On a brighter note this colour palette is indeed very pretty. :)

  2. I am in love with the checkered skirt ensemble! Sorry for your rough day - kinda sounds like a classic Monday.. on a Thursday! Well... maybe power outages are not your typical Mondays :)

  3. That faux sweetheart checked dress is too darling!