February 25, 2013

Home Edition

The more vintage I hunt for the shop, the more I buy for the home.  Is this the case for other sellers?  I haven't made huge purchases yet, due to the budget, but I keep finding smaller items that seem to make a big difference in the decor.   

1. Old dried flowers from my husband about 7 years ago.
2. Trio of vintage vases.
3. My vanity full of vintage jewelry, boxes, buttons, and hats.
4. 1930s reprints of P.J. Redoute prints.
5. Vintage photo frame next to a mix of vintage and modern books.

As time passes, I'd like to find a vintage coffee table, shelves, mirrors, credenza, wall hangings and the list goes on and on.  Decorating the home, however, is very low on my priority list and probably will be unless I miraculously have self-sufficient kids, a clean home, and an assistant/nanny/maid.


  1. I love getting a peek into other people's homes. I find tonnes of great homewares sneaking home with me whenever I go on the hunt. That cloche hat is adorable too!

  2. Beautiful photos and I love seeing peeks into other people's homes too!

    I'm the same when it comes to thrifting. I always come home with little bits of bric-a-brac for myself. If I had more room I'd have a tonne of furniture too! ;)