November 27, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

top: 1940s noir dress, 1950s mesh wiggle dress, 1930s wedding bolero set
bottom: 1950s R&K wiggle dress, 1950s Red Lanz Dress, 1940s Mink Suit
top: 1970s tricolor spectator heels, 1970s Red Woven Slingbacks
bottom: 1970s Mod Red Loafers, 1980s Cuffed Ankle Boots

left: 1970s Ski Sweater, right: 1960s Green Sweater

1960s Black Chiffon Maxi Skirt

Thanksgiving has already passed and now comes my favorite holiday of the year- Christmas.  The shop is transitioning from autumn to winter now with more reds, blacks, cocktail party dresses, and sweaters.  Hope you like them!  Everything is on sale right now and more vintage is being added every day, so take a look!

Click on the descriptions to link you to the item!


  1. A few comments:

    1) Please keep that 1960s black chiffon maxi skirt for looks sooooooooooo dreamy on you!!!!

    2) Really love the red lipstick you've been sporting in the latest pics! Very festive! What red do you wear? I love hearing which red lipsticks ladies own...I don't know what it is, I think I could own 100 red lipsticks and still have room for more ^_^

    3) Loving all the festive pieces being added to your shop!!! It's the most wonderful time of the year! :)

    1. Galine! You're too sweet!

      1) I did have fun wearing that skirt, but where would I wear it too? I have no parties and I would have to wear heels with it, which is hard to do when chasing after 2 little ones. Maybe I will borrow it from the shop for a date night with the hubs though!

      2) Thanks so much! You're the queen of red lips. I line my lips with Cherry lip pencil and use Ruby Woo as the lipstick, both from mac. I always have fun wearing red lips!

      3) Thanks!! :)

    2. Ohhh I understand, having the babes to run after probably isn't as easy in a long skirt and heels! I know if it were me I'd end up tripping over the skirt, ripping it, breaking a heel, something along those lines, haha! But it looks stunning on you! If you can wear it out on a date with your husband you definitely should ^_^

      Oh you are too kind! I do love a good red lip, it is my favourite! Sometimes I want to stop women on the streets to tell them I like their red lipstick but my shyness gets the better of me most times! I love the way Ruby Woo looks! But I've heard that it is very hard to apply and is drying, is that true?? My lips don't take too kindly to dry lipsticks, I can wear matte ones but only if there is some moisture to it, if that makes any sense! Anyhow, red lipstick truly looks beautiful on you, I like it a lot!!! ^_^

    3. PS Unless I change my mind last minute, which is very typical of me, I am wearing the blouse I bought from you over a dress to a wedding this Saturday! ^^ Woohoo, can't wait! I love it so much!