November 29, 2012

2 Bernhard Altmann's in 1 week

I guess this is my lucky week because I stumbled upon two Bernhard Altmann cardigans in one week!  One is perfect for the upcoming Christmas season (already in the shop here) and the other is just yummy colors that will be making it's way into the shop next week.

left: Green Cashmere Cardigan, right: Boucle Wool Cardigan
Here's a little excerpt about Bernhard Altmann taken from one of my favorite vintage resources, Vintage Fashion Guild.
The cashmere business started only in 1947, when he added the cashmere fiber line after a visit to Bermuda, where he learned that the delivery times of the Scottish manufacturers was over eighteen months, unheard of in the textile business. That business was built on a re-established Vienna factory, and another factory in Texas. By 1951 his U.S. company outsold all the Scottish manufacturers.

After Bernhard Altmann’s retirement in 1955, his successor first lost control of the Vienna business, and then sold off the U.S. operations to McGregor-Doniger in the 1970s. The trademark is still held by McGregor, which produces menswear under the Altmann label.

Bernhard Altmann was famous for his cashmere lines, but also produced clothes in Shetland wool and a lambswool/fur fibre blend called ‘Bernamere’. A 1960s advertising tagline for the company ran, ‘The Legend of a Great Knitter’

Below are some beautiful Bernhard Altmann ads from the 1950s provided by the lovely website myvintagevogue.

I'm especially loving the 1st picture with the dainty collar and rhinestone embellishment across the bodice.  The other thing I'm noticing in these pictures is the gorgeous charm bracelets in some of these pictures.  Talk about armswag! I'm not a jewelry girl, but the more I see these ads with gorgeous bracelets, the more I may become a bracelet collector! You'll be seeing some vintage bracelets coming to the shop soon!

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  1. The sweater in the first picture is so darling! As are the ones you've found for your store. Lovely! :)