October 17, 2012

Orla Kiely AW 2012

 Have you checked out Orla Kiely's Fall/Winter 2012 Lookbook? I'm a summer clothing lover, but her collection definitely makes dressing for fall something to look forward to.  I love vintage clothing, and I also love when modern designers produce vintage inspired collections well, and Orla Kiely created a perfect combination of vintage and modern.

It's currently 97 degrees in southern CA right now and I can't wait to start wearing oversized sweaters with shorts.  This season, I'm seeing a lot of long sleeves and sweaters paired with shorter, fuller skirts.  It keeps the look feminine and dressy.  I will definitely wear this combination whenever the weather allows me to.

I also adore Peter Pan blouses, but the ones worn under the jumper dresses are the best I've seen.  I don't look through fashion magazines really because I just don't have time, but these are such a refreshing take on the already cute collars with the extra subtle ruffling.

What do you think of her collection?


  1. Very pretty! But considering the pricing I'll have to say this: I've seen all these styles in the various shops of Seoul, and for a fraction of the cost ^_^ haha Dresses that bell out like that & the coats could be found everrrywhere (Also, the sheer cut-off top style dresses!)

    You know, sometimes I just sit back and look at the trends/styles and think, "That was so 2007 Seoul.." *sigh* Wish I was still there!

    I hope this doesn't come across as negative, though!!! It is a lovely collection! I just couldn't spend that much money on something ;)

    1. You're so right, and you're not being negative. I often find my outfit/fashion inspirations while watching those addictive Korean dramas.

      The pricing is definitely not affordable for most, but I still think these images are pretty. :)

      But, I think you have provided me with a great idea highlighting my favorite Korean drama looks! haha. THanks for reading, Galine! xo

  2. !!! Oh, do share your favourite looks! I truly do miss Seoul, walking down the street was always such an inspiration! I just adore how everyone mixed their pieces together - & oh, everyone's ability to magically wrap a scarf around their neck and make it look PERFECT. I still can't perfect it, and I've asked! I remember a man selling his own scarves at a stall once, with a sign that read "We'll also teach you how to wear it!" haha

    I am sad because I have found some Korean shops here but because of everything being imported, it's not as cheap. But some of my best and classic pieces I get complimented on are from Korea. And it makes me more happy to know they were all MADE in Korea, too! That's something that's rare to find in North America, I think, unless you are shelling out the crazy amounts of cash!

    Always a pleasure and fun to read your blog :D Thank you for not thinking I was being negative, I actually felt bad the next day lol! They are great images for sure, and more fun - finding similar items for a fraction of the cost :)