October 23, 2012

Special Tags

From a 1930s Maid Uniform

From a 1950s Cheongsam Dress

From a 1940s Gown

The shop will be updated with some special dresses with extra special tags.  I love hunting for vintage and curating my shop, and one thing I find great delight in is when a vintage item has a gorgeous tag.  It's this extra attention to detail that makes that item even more desirable and lovely to me, and I'm sure to others.

I can't decide if the 2nd or 3rd is my favorite tag.  I love the girl on the 2nd tag, but there's something very personal about the 3rd which is delightful.  Which do you like and please sure some of your favorite vintage tags and link back in your comments!


  1. I adore a good tag too...thought I was a weirdo but it seems I'm not alone, yay! hehe

    Love the 3rd one, I think because it was 'hand made' there is something so lovely about that and rare to find these days. I wish I had a photo of my grandfather's tags...he used to make suits back when he lived in Jerusalem and had his own name tags to sew in! I think there must be so much pride to know that you made something and can give it to someone else :)