May 29, 2012

Overflow Shop Update

1950s Coral Linen Wiggle dress

left: 1970s Animal Print Dress  right: 1970s/80s coral butterly applique dress

1950s mauve shirtwaist dress

left: vintage floral canvas bag  right: vintage squash blossom style necklace

left: 1960s black silk lbd  right: 1950s polkadot seersucker wiggle dress

left: 1970s black seersucker bathing suit  right: 1960s light blue lingerie slip

1950s green gingham patch dress

1950s mint green shirtwaist dress

1940s chevron day dress

left: 1950s/60s angora cardigan  right: 1970s blue floral shirt

left: 1970s purple faux wrap dress  right: 1970s cream applique boho dress

1950s blushing pink lace and sequins party dress

1950s/60s floral shirtwaist dress with Peter Pan Collar

1970s white peekaboo oxfords

 I don't remember the last time I had over 140 items in the shop, but I'm there now.  At the end of last year, I said I would make 2012 my best year yet in sales, but it hasn't been.  I know it partially has to do with the state of the economy and the changes made in Etsy, but I have a part in the low sales too.  I haven't been diligent about listing or hunting for vintage and it's definitely affecting the sales in the shop.  So, i've motivated myself again and am on a listing spree.  I'm not sure how long this will last because life always seems to get in the way, so I'm taking advantage of this new found energy and drive.  Hope you guys like the listings! 

Everything is 10-15% off until May 31st at midnight and I'm having a $25 store credit giveaway here, so please enter!

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