March 1, 2012

Palm Springs ~ Part 2

Yes, Jessie's wearing a boy's jacket.  I think this picture may be a potential Christmas card for 2012.

I think Jessie's trying to taste the snow.

For days, Jonah begged to make a snowman so Mo and my brother made him one while I held Jessie in the ergo while she napped.

Mo figured out that it's quicker to roll the snowball.  But then it got really heavy.

Jonah begged me to get closer so he could throw a snowball at me. I really didn't want to.

Their ugly snowman.

We took this crazy aerial tram up to the mountains in Palm Springs to show our kiddos snow for the first time.  Can you tell it was gorgeous? It really was. Nevermind that I had the wrong shoes and experienced near frostbite. It was all worth it!  I can't wait to come back next year.


  1. I love the pictures of Jonah throwing a snowball at you and the ugly snowman. I think the guys did a great job! Totally worth the trip just to see the look on your kid's face. Btw, I'm going to start a fund for Jessie's winter jacket. :) - Auntie J

    1. LOL! thanks auntie J! I made sure she wore pink pants though so that people wouldn't be confused. Actually, I think that made it worse.

  2. Snow is so much fun for the kids. Mine loved it when it snowed. These pictures are great. Seattle Beauty and Fashion - Girlie Blog Seattle

  3. WOW! you gusy had so much snow! SO different from when we went in Jan. Looks liks you guys had a great time...