February 29, 2012

Palm Springs ~ Part 1

You would never guess, but my husband is actually somewhat spontaneous and pretty fun.  He texted me Wednesday morning that we were going to see snow Friday afternoon and stay overnight at Palm Springs.  My son was sooo excited because he's been wanting to see snow ever since he played with fake snow at Sea World in San Diego. (sad, but we live in Southern California where the winters are mostly in the 70s this year.)

We got our hotel and borrowed snow gear from a lovely friend from church and headed off Friday afternoon to our gorgeous resort. 

the view when you step out of our room

he either sat here or clung tightly as he could to his dad or his uncle

first time swimming and first time in a bikini

first time sleeping next to each other. i died when i woke up to this. tooo cute!

just pretty

Let me just say that although the resort was gorgeous, it was not a fun night.  Did you know that vacations with little ones aren't really vacations at all?  It's quite a lot of work, actually. Also, the walls were very thin in this particular hotel.  I could hear the toilet seat being taken down in the next room where there were a bunch of guys being extremely loud.  The four of us ended up sharing a king size bed and my poor husband went back and forth from the ground to the bed at least 4 times that night because my son would wake up all flustered at the lack of space.  He had to change the thermostat at least 6 times because we would be sweating hot, and then freezing cold within 10 minutes.  Jessie smelled breast milk on me and refused to unlatch the entire night.

 Looking back, mo and I laugh, but that night was one of the longest nights.  We actually waited for morning to come so that the torture would end. Ok, it wasn't torture and we seriously do crack up thinking about that night.  But it sure wasn't restful.

More gorgeous pics to come soon!

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