February 8, 2012

Shop Update - Mix it Up and Thanks!

1940s wrap dress

 1950s pink ballerina chiffon dress

1960s girl's blue sundress

1980s girl's dress with peter pan collar (4-5T)

1930s Deco Dress

cute embroidered chambray blouse

1970s Diane Von Furstenberg Plum Blouse

1980s Plum Flats

1960s Cream Swing Coat

1950s Tapestry Handbag

This week's shop update is a little different for me.  I usually have way more dresses added, but I've been trying to mix things up in the shop a little and have been adding more accessories and little girl's dresses.  Yet, my favorite item still has to be that cute pink 1940s wrap dress.  I love wrap dresses and this one is just too sweet with all the daisies. Anyhow, more eye popping accessories and little girly dresses, as well as adult women dresses to come!

Also, the shop finally reached 900 sales, so thanks to everyone who's helped me get there!  I won't be having a huge sale like that for a while, but I do have a little SALE section that's been added to the shop!  You can also click on the captions to direct you to the item.  Have a good Wednesday!

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  1. Congratulations on reaching 900 sales! 1000 is just around the corner now. :)