January 5, 2012

Hair Envy

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When I was pregnant, no one told me that I would go bald after I had the baby.  That's a slight hyperbole, but I do have massive hair loss happening over here and it does not seem to stop.  Instead, I now have weird baby hairs growing all over, so I have to keep my bangs to cover my forehead and I'm trying to grow my hair out for the first time in years.  After looking at these runway models with their lustrous hair and hair extensions, I developed hair envy.  I wish I had thicker hair and I wish I knew how to do a cute pony tail/updo.  My poor daughter Jessie will be the only girl in class with uneven pigtails, unbraided because mama does not know how to french braid.  Sad.

Which hairstyle do you like the most?  I'm really feeling the streak of blonde on the Asian girl...

1 comment:

  1. The hair loss will go away. Trust me!

    Hmmm...they all look so beautiful, but I do like side-swept bangs and long locks.