March 31, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight- Daisy and Stella Vintage

Oh my, if you love vintage, you will love Daisy and Stella's beautifully curated vintage shop!  They specialize in vintage from the 1950s and 60s, and have amazing pieces dating back to the 20s and 30s, also!  Any of their items will be sure to make you stand out at the party and will definitely become one of your favorites. 

Meet Brooke behind this wonderful shop!

Brooke wearing a black vintage silk costume for Halloween! Love it!

What is the inspiration behind the name of your store and why did you start an Etsy shop?

Back in my college days, my roommate and best friend, Becky, and I lived together for over 5 years and were very into the hippie vibe at the time. Somehow we came up with these fun nicknames for each other - I was, Daisy, and she was, Stella. I was completely in love with vintage, mainly the 70s, and decided right then and there that someday I wanted to own a combined vintage and coffee shop, where Becky could also display her artwork. I felt that the name Daisy and Stella would be fun and inviting for a vintage shop and so have been using it for the past ten years. I have no immediate plans for a physical store/coffee shop but who knows what the future will hold!

What is your favorite vintage era and why?

Five years ago I would have said the 50s, hands down. I absolutely adore the voluminous, gathered, circle skirts and the fitted, hourglass cocktail dresses – I just can’t get enough of them! Since then I've expanded my tastes and also become a big follower of the 20s and 30s styles. I find these pieces to be so elegant and the intricate details are out of this world. Rather recently I’ve also become a huge fan of the classic 60s styles. Perhaps it’s watching Mad Men that has rubbed off on me, but I’m now loving 60s styles that I would not have looked twice at before.

What is your favorite piece of vintage you own?

I have a very special place in my heart for this amazing black 1930s net lace evening gown with a stunning plunging V’d back. My dad, who has passed over, used to always go to this annual vintage shopping event with me. It was first come first serve and he was always my side-kick. One particular event, we were lucky enough to have the place to ourselves for about ten minutes before other shoppers came pouring in. I laid eyes upon this dress and instantly fell in love with it. I had just finished college and wasn’t making very much money at the time so the price of the dress was a little steep for me. My dad offered to buy me one dress, which I chose this one, and I’m hoping someday I will have a place or event to wear this gorgeous gown while simultaneously honoring this memory.

What is your favorite item in the shop right now?

I absolutely love my 1950s champagne petal, party dress! I have actually toyed with the idea of taking it out of my sales merchandise because I'm hoping that someday soon I will be able to fit into it and wear it for the right occasion.

Found here!

5 adjectives to describe you.

Stubborn, outgoing, passionate, loyal and hard working.

What is your favorite song of all time?

Ooh, this is a really hard one for me. I am also a musician and have played in a couple bands in college where we wrote our own songs mixed in with a couple classic rock covers. I love classic rock tunes, especially wailing to a Rolling Stones cover, but my true love has to lie with a woman and her piano – Tori Amos. It’s hard to pick just one song of hers, but I’ve always felt she has such a strong message in Precious Things.

Thanks for an amazing, honest interview!  Here's another item from her shop that I absolutely adore because of the photography and because the dress is stellar!

You can also find her on FACEBOOK where she posts more photos of the dresses in her shop and also has albums from wedding runway shows she supplies dresses for and a private photo shoot for a dancer's portfolio (shown above).

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it and visit her delightful shop!

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