August 30, 2010

Vintage Hunting- Part 2

Since I had a fabulous vintage hunting weekend, I am going to forgo Movie Monday for this week to celebrate my vintage finds!  My husband had to remind me to calm down because I was on cloud nine after discovering such vintage goodies.  If you missed the first part of my vintage expedition, you can view it here.

Here are a few of the dresses I purchased from the estate sale.  I may wear the orange flowered one on the right to an upcoming wedding.  I'm still deciding.  But, there's a 1959 Lanz dress, a 50s L'Aiglon dress, and an early 1940s dress hidden in that pile.  I also didn't include the coats, sweaters, and blouses I got because I ran out of room and time!

Some lovely clutches and a huge tapestry handbag! 

I finally purchased some pretty items for the head and all are great colors for the fall!

These are mine and I'm not giving them away.  The Mark Twain book is copyrighted in 1920
and the orange book is from 1938.  Being an English major, I love to read and reading these will be extra fun!  I love the feeling of the pages.  Forget the Kindle!

If anything screams out at you, you can contact me here and we can talk! :)  Hope you enjoyed the summary of my vintage hunting weekend, because I sure did!


  1. The dresses are so pretty! Great find! Have a good day.

  2. Great find with those books ~ I definately agree. Forget the Kindle, real books for the win! >w<

    b. of Depict This!