August 30, 2010

"Vintage" I Would Never Buy

Occassionally, I look through old magazines to study fashion and characteristics of that period.  I was browsing through this January 1976 edition of "Woman's Day" and came across this unappetizing picture of spinach souffl√©.  Needless to say, I'm pretty sure Don Draper would NOT approve nor endorse this.  This is one "vintage" item that did not last, unless I'm unaware of it in the grocery markets.  If you can't read the pitch below the picture, here it is and it's hilarious!

Since man first tasted spinach, hardly anyone has thought of it with affection. 
Stouffer's changed all that.  By making spinach into Spinach Souffle.
And, quite simply, to taste this spinach dish is to love it.
That's because we take the freshest young spinach we can find.  Blend it with pure eggs. Pure milk.  and judicious seasoning.
And voila!  A light, delicate, delicious souffle.
We make 12 Side Dishes in all.  And if we can make spinach taste this good, imagine how good the others are.
Only Stouffer's makes spinach into Spinach Souffle.
Vive la difference.

I love how they focus on the taste and not how it's a big block of green.  Would you try it?


  1. I am a spinach fan, and even I am having a hard time finding its redeeming qualities....
    :) great post!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. That's spinach souffle?! I thought it was just a picture of the frozen spinach square!

    I have to agree with Lemondrop Marie, I'm a spinach fan and that really doesn't look appetising!

  3. Haha Umm, I would try it but I seriously doubt I would like it. It looks...gross. :P