August 23, 2010

El Capitan Weekend

Our family spent a great weekend with some of our favorite friends.  Our location, El Capitan, sits right next to the beach, so here are a few pictures of the beautiful place!  You just can't beat California beaches and weather.   Oh, and there were many dolphins swimming and jumping in the air very close to the shore; sadly, I was unable to take any good pictures of that.  Nonetheless, we had a great time!  What did you do this weekend?

Our group, collecting sand crabs and building a moat.

My favorite tiny feet in the world.

There were lots of these.

Some beached whales called my husband and his best friend.

The cutest beach hair in the world!
Post beach relaxing.  I promise I did not force him to pose like this.  I have no idea where he learned this. 


  1. that last pic is just adorable! Love your new blog layout! :)

  2. Oh, that last picture makes me grin. Kids are too cute :)