January 31, 2010

Sweeeet Sunday Shop Update

I am looking forward to February.  Here are some new goodies in my shop and some old vintage goodies that have new pictures! 


Here are the items from top to bottom, left to right:
4. Vintage IT's A LITTLE NIPPY OUTSIDE Peach Pointelle Cardigan
5. Vintage 30s ELEGANTLY UNDERSTATED full Length Nightgown
6. Vintage 50s Glamorous Night Out on the Town Clutch
7. Vintage 60s MADE FOR BUSINESS Black Straight Skirt
8. Vintage 80s PARTY AT THE ROOSEVELT Velvet and Lace Dress
9. 70s Vintage LADY IN RED Dancing Dress with POCKETS
10. Vintage 50s Grace Kelly Inspired SWEET VALENTINE Heavily Beaded Dress
11. SALE- Vintage PINK POLKA DOT Dress
12. My personal favorite: Vintage 50s/60s FIELD OF DAISIES Pink Wiggle Dress


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