February 2, 2010

You Don't Bring Me Flowers..Anymore

It's that time of year- Valentine's Day, where flowers hike up several hundreds of percent from their original price.  I sang the song from the title once to my husband several years ago as a joke, and the sweet guy ended up delivering flowers to me at the school I taught at that very day.  All the other teachers thought it was the sweetest thing, and so did I.  I leave you with some of my favorite flowers, as well as some "flower" dresses from my shop.  Enjoy!
Hydrangeas- what I'm trying to keep alive on my window sill

pretty orchid arrangement.

I love the hibiscus because it reminds me of Maui, our honeymoon spot.
Also, this table arrangment is gorgeous!

I thought this floral bridal bouquet was very unique- yellow lilies.

my favorite, the breathtaking iceberg rose.

What are your favorite flowers?

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