April 9, 2013

Soft and Bold

Vintage 1960s Chartreuse DEMETER Dress // 1960s Pink SI BONNE Dress
1960s Mar Jean Sweater // 1980s Floral ERENA Blouse //
1980s URBAN JUNGLE Heels
1950s/60s TIKI ROOM Shirtwaist Dress // Vintage Lucite Brooch //
1950s Ostrich Leather Slingbacks
1960s FUZZY NAVEL Blouse // 1960s Woven Clutch //
1970s GEORGETTE Brown Loafers
Vintage Hand Knit Sweater //
Vintage Girl's White Eyelet Dress // 1950s White Embroidered Dress

This shop update is filled with many soft pieces and bold colored pieces.  I actually like mixing the two elements up into one outfit, but they are also good on their own.  My favorite item has to be the green heels.  If they were a size smaller, they would so be mine!

How about you?  Are you more of a soft colored person or a bold colored person or both?

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