April 24, 2013

Almost Finished

1960s SPRING BLOOM Dress // 1950s Pink BREATHLESS Dress
1950s Striped IN A DAZE Dress // 1950s Plaid WILDFLOWER Dress
1960s JOAN Dress // 1960s RUFFLE PARTY Blouse //
1950s Glitter TWINKLE TWINKLE Heels
1960s Fuchsia SELENA Dress // 1960s Pink COOL BREEZE Top //
1980s MYSTIQUE Heels
1950s Silk MANCHESTER Blouse // 1970s WILD RICE Sweater //
1930s Black Hidden Gem Heels
1960s Bridal Dress and Jacket BON VOYAGE Set
1960s KA'ANAPALI Dress // 1960s WOODEN Necklace //
1960s FERRAGAMO Cream Slingbacks
April's almost over and so is my 20% off shop sale! I must say I'm loving the variety in this week's shop update.  Expect more dresses though and hopefully my photos will become better as I fiddle with my camera and lighting more.  I'm almost there with that too!


  1. Once again stunning and very beautiful dresses!
    I`m totally in love with the first two.


  2. I love the gray plaid dress, and that gray jacket with the white collar! (Yes, I like gray.)