March 18, 2013

A Little Big Update

Edwardian Dress
1960s Floral SUNDAY BRUNCH Dress // 1960s Spring JETSETTER Shift Dress
 1950s Silk MUSE Cheongsam Dress //1950s Gray IN THE MIST Cheongsam Dress
1970s Backless Halter SOUTH BEACH Dress
1960s RAY OF LIGHT Brooch // 1970s Agate Necklace
1950s Bouquet of Daisies Brooch // 1940s Sparkle Sparkle Bow Brooch
1950s FRENCH QUARTERS Boater Hat
1950s PAR AVION Cardigan // 1970s TRILLIUM Floral Blouse
1960s Tweed VIOLETTA Skirt // 1960s RIVIERA Maternity Blouse
1960s SPRING TULIPS Dress // 1960s Nautical Romper
1950s SWEET TOOTH High Heels
1950s Novelty Print SWEET SUBTLETY Dress // 1950s TINSELTOWN Party Dress

A few items were added to the shop last week, but I couldn't find the time to blog to share with you all the new additions.  I haven't modeled anything for the last couple of months, but the Edwardian dress stretches to 23" at the most, which looked awful on my one dress form.  So, I literally sucked in my gut, held my breath, and tried it on.  I have no idea how I got that dress to fit, but once I was in it, I realized how beautiful this piece was.  I didn't want to take it off, but I had to because I thought I would faint from sucking my stomach in for so long.  So, it was painful to put on and take off! But, so worth it to be able to wear for that time.

All these, except for the cream embroidered cardigan, which has been sold, are in the shop now!


  1. I'm with Karen… gorgeous and ow!

  2. I love all your dresses,especially the Edwardian one!It`s like the perfect dress for my wedding!


    1. i was thinking if I ever renewed my vows, I wouldn't mind wearing this dress. But, I really don't think this dress would fit me then, or even next week.

  3. 23 inches?! Wow, you are one teeny lady!