February 5, 2013

Give Me A W!

W for winner that is.  First, I wanted to thank all those who entered the giveaway and for all the new likes and follows.  I really appreciate the support.  Secondly, I wanted to apologize for not posting the winner sooner.  I just got over the flu last week, and then was hit with a stomach bug on Sunday.  Please take care of yourselves this flu season!

Before I announce the winner, here are some fun vintage pictures of cheerleaders.  My readers don't know, but I'm actually a pretty big football fan and love watching the Super Bowl.  This year, my husband and I stayed low key because my son had a birthday party this past Saturday.  I was up from 6 am attending some sales, then getting the party ready, and then guests didn't leave until 9 pm.  Needless to say, we were partied out.

While watching the Super Bowl, I wondered how cheerleaders dressed 40, 50 years ago.  Here are some pictures I found browsing the internet.

1959 Cheerleaders
Photo Marked 1959, also

Photo Source 1, 3, 4
How cute and classy are these?  Which one is your favorite?

Finally, here's the winner of the giveaway!

Congratulations, Courtney B!  You are the winner of the $35 store credit. I will be getting in contact with you shortly about the details on how to redeem your store credit.

Thanks to everyone else who entered.  I will be holding giveaways monthly, so stay tuned!

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