January 6, 2013

Knowing When To Stop

As the picture suggests, I am temporarily moving the inventory from the kids' vintage shop to Revolving Styles.  At this point, keeping this shop open when I barely update it makes no sense.  I rarely bring traffic to the site because of my lack of new inventory, so I decided to move the contents of the kids shop back.  If and when I can do what I do full time someday, I will hopefully be more diligent in running both shops.  But, as for now, since I only have time for one and I exert all my energy and resources into my first shop, the kid's shop is temporarily closing down. Thanks to all those who helped me get the word out about the shop and all the buyers for supporting it.  

I gave the shop a good 4 months.  Usually, I try something out for 4-6 months and if it doesn't work out, I readjust and/or move on to the next thing.  I'm a bit compulsive.  How long do you guys give yourself?  

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