January 24, 2013

A Rare Occasion

My vintage Jantzen shades and my vintage bag that my husband decided to crop out.  Oh, and there's a bear in the back.  Hair's pulled back because I didn't shower.  Life of a mother.
I spent this past Saturday morning with my family, visiting the zoo.  That is definitely a rare occasion because every Saturday of mine is spent vintage hunting while my husband watches the kids.  I woke up this past Saturday and set out at the crack of dawn for an estate sale that listed some pictures of vintage clothes.  I've been having bad luck lately with estate sales, so I really tried hard to be early this time and just wait.  It worked!  I was the 4th name on the list and I scored some pretty amazing pieces, which will be hitting the shop next week.

This meant that I was able to return home around 10:30 a.m. and spend the day with my husband and kids.  I forgot how special and necessary these moments are.  Because these family outings are few on weekends, I must remember to capture them on camera whenever I'm able to go out!  

I just love her hands in this picture.  
My son is turning 4 this weekend.  It's amazing how much he has matured and grown this past year.  A few months ago, he would never have voluntarily touched an animal, let alone a hedgehog.  
I wore my gold vintage shoes, seen here.  Realized it when I saw it in the reflection of this beaver exhibit. 
I had a wonderful time with the family and although I'm sad I am not able to do this every Saturday with them, I feel blessed to still be able to be at home with the kids every day and to have a loving and supportive husband who does not give me a hard time for dumping the kids on him every weekend.  Vintage moms, when do you guys go and vintage hunt and do you take your children?  I've tried that and although thrift stores are doable, I just can't survive estate sales with both kids.  If you are a mom that can haul your children to estate sales, more power to you and any advice would be appreciated!


  1. Oh, how fun! I love the zoo and most definitely loved the zoo as a child! ;-)

  2. I love visiting the zoo! Looking forward to seeing your estate sale finds. :)