December 27, 2012

What a Christmas

Christmas has come and gone, and can you tell from the above picture that my kids thoroughly enjoyed the holiday?  They are super blessed because they are the only grandchildren so far on both sides and they are extremely loved by both sides.  I am very grateful for my family and my in-laws for their generosity and love towards our children.

We opened gifts Christmas morning, under our fake Christmas tree with the lopsided star (time for a new tree maybe next year), and then headed to Christmas service at our church that morning where my son delivered an extremely sub-par performance of "Jingle Bell Rock." That sounds mean, but the kid was front and center in the group of kids and he literally did nothing.  Still cute though.

Now, my daughter and I are battling a nasty cold/flu, but life is good and we are blessed.  

Here's the winner of the $15 store credit to Revolving Kids Vintage:

Congrats to Agnieszka!  I will be in contact with you shortly!

The last giveaway will be announced tomorrow, so stay tuned!  Thanks to everyone who entered and hope everyone else had  Merry Christmas!  Looking forward to the new year!

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