October 3, 2012

Home Inspiration- 1967

I thrifted a while back an issue of Sunset magazine titled "Ideas for Planning Your New Home."  Inside are numerous ideas and pictures on how to decorate and plan the home that fits your style and needs.  It's definitely eye candy for those into home decor and design.

I have to admit, I'm quite a rookie when it comes to designing my house.  I don't really have an idea yet of what I want and the shops and kids take up all of my time so that not much thought goes into the decor.  I still have many bare walls, and I call my home the bachelor pad.  It has the essentials and not much of a decorative element.  I have to admit though, I like my bathrooms, and at least my 2nd floor walls are painted.

Anyhow, here are some design ideas and pictures that stuck out to me.

I love the high ceilings and the wood juxtaposed with the brick.  Also, would love that lamp in my living room now, please.
Everything seems so vertical in this room, and it really makes the room seem so spacious.  Plus, I like the light that tall window lets in.  I'm a big fan of natural light, can you tell?

Speaking of natural light, those rows of windows and double doors are amazing!  I wish I had a studio with those windows!

This room is a little more cramped than others, but it's a study and I think this study is adorable.  I love the kilim rugs and that little desk and chair is way more decor friendly than the ugly grey desk I'm at right now.  

So, this kitchen has no cabinets- just drawers and built in shelves.  It actually opens up the kitchen alot, and I like open.  I think the tiny two range stove is adorable, but definitely not practical for a family.

Do you like any of these rooms?

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  1. Great pictures and a great magazine find! I love the space, angles and lines often shown in 60s interiors.