September 13, 2012


1950s New Look Black Dress // Burgundy Pendelton Blazer // Vintage Autumn Scarf
1970s Leaf Print Midi // 1960s Flirty Lace LBD // 1930s/40s Sweetheart Slip

1960s Cerulean Shirtwaist Dress // 1950s Cheongsam Dress // 1960s Envelope Clutch
1960s Blue Straw Hat // 50s Coat of Arms Scarf // 50s Coral Party Dress

1980s Chain Necklace // 60s Mustard  Cashmere Sweater // 50s Saffron Circle Skirt
1970s Oversized Purse // 50sEyelet Cheongsam Dress // 70s GUCCI Slingbacks

1950s Embroidered Wedding Dress // 70s White Button up // 80s Peaches and Cream Heels
1930s Sheer Overlay // 50s Taupe Purse // 70s Green Retro Blouse
Once again, an overwhelming shop update and an overwhelming amount of me.  But, I finally have a system, so updating is a little less of an ordeal. But, cleaning the house and cooking 3 meals a day while doing this is becoming a little overwhelming.  I've got to find a balance again...

Until then, enjoy the update and all the new vintage goodies in the shop!  Just click on the captions and it will link you straight to the item!

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  1. Such a pretty update and I love that you model your items. :)