July 11, 2012

Special Wedding

Jonah and the flower girls!

Bridal party.  LOVED their dresses!

Jonah walking down as ring boy.  So proud of him!

Special moment between father-daughter before they walked down the aisle.

My brother-in-law got married this past weekend, hence the lack of updates and posts or anything!  Gorgeous weather, gorgeous bride, gorgeous wedding.  This was the first wedding I attended where everything was DIY- EVERYTHING! The bride, my new sister-in-law, is one of the most creative people I know and I wish I was able to take pictures of the all the hanging lights, mason jars, floral arrangements, s'mores party favors, signs, etc., but it was a busy busy day/night so I will have to wait for the professional photos to come out.

The entire ceremony and reception took place in the backyard of my SIL's childhood home and it was transformed beautifully by the bridal party and her parents.  Yes, the scenery was pretty, but the ceremony stole the show and had everyone in tears, well almost everybody.  My husband said he tried to keep his composure by thinking of baseball.  I'm a lucky woman.  Anyhow,  I don't think I've attended such a personal and emotional wedding as this one and I felt very blessed to witness the union of these two.

I have to brag about my son.  I really didn't give him quite enough credit because I thought he'd be one of those kids that would freeze in the middle of the aisle or run or cry.  But, he carried the sign to the side, just like I told him to, and made it without any tears or hesitation.  I'm sad I wasn't able to see it completely because I had to give him the cue to walk, but I was so proud of him!  He looked so small walking down the aisle and I was already crying at that point.  They grow up so fast!

I won't go into the specifics of who cried and why everyone cried, but it was beautiful and I'm so happy for these two!  By the way, I don't like admitting these things, but I think my hubs looks pretty cute in a bow tie. Haha.