April 3, 2012

This Week, I Will ...

Life keeps getting busier and busier and I feel I'm becoming less productive or maybe just inefficient?  Not sure which, but I work well with accountability and goals, so this week, I will...

make breakfast nachos with chorizo since I have a ginormous bag of chips (source)

finish my taxes (source)

list at least 10 new items (you can find this cute dress here)

take both my kids to the zoo.  This was the last time I was at the zoo and that was when Jessie was still in my belly and Jonah was 2.  Can't believe that was over a year ago!

I'll let you know if I did these goals by Saturday and hopefully document each.  Each week, I'd like to have a goal that targets the family, kids, cooking, and work.   I've been extremely unproductive due to my obsession with Netflix and it's quite disturbing.  So, blog world, keep me accountable please!


  1. anna that vintage dress is so cute on you! don't sell it!

    1. thanks hanna, but it's pinned to me because the bust is too big. :(

  2. I think it's great to set yourself weekly goals, especially because I know how you feel about the weeks getting away from us! I can't believe it's April already.

    Best of luck with your goals this week. The nachos look super yummy and I love that cotton pique dress. Totally adorable!

  3. These are excellent goals--I need to incorporate breakfast nachos into my life somehow! Yum.

    That dress is adorable!