April 5, 2012

Find of the Week

Another post dedicated to why I love thrifting.  A couple of ladies were shopping next to me, and they pulled out the following dress for me and stated, "You'd look so cute in this."  These ladies were my mom's age and must have been expert thrifters because they had quite an eye.  Or, maybe I looked homely in my thrift hunting get up on a Saturday afternoon.  Anyhow, I'm sure glad they passed the dress to me.  It was $3 after the 75% off sale.  I love when thrift stores have sales.  This gorgeous dress has it's original Neiman Marcus tag and is raw silk and it actually fits my bust without falling!  Score!

I will hopefully post up some outfit posts with this amazing dress if my husband and I ever can go somewhere nice.  Or, I may just wear it to the movies just because I want to wear the dress and will not have any other chance to wear it.  Did you thrift anything fun and exciting this week?


  1. ADORABLE. love the color. love the ruffle, and love raw silk. great find.

  2. That dress looks so adorable. It'll look amazing on you and how sweet of those ladies to pick it out for you. :)

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with getting dressed for a movie date!

  3. What a beautiful dress!!!

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    1. Thanks Elvira! I appreciate the follow!

      I'm totally following your blog, also now. Love the recipes!