April 17, 2012

A Pop of Color

1960s Sheath Dress

1940s Black Noir Dancing Dress

1960s Talbott Lemon Skirt

1960s Black Textured Heels

1970s Kelly Green Shirtwaist Dress
1970s Seersucker Bathing Suit

1950s Pink Rhinestone

1940s Blue Day Dress

1970s Blue Embroidered Night Gown

1970s Salvatore Ferragamo Oxfords

1980s Neon Blue High Heels

Little Girl's 1950s Dress

1960s Fredericks of Hollywood White Bustier

Can I just say that I really am proud of this shop update?  I don't think I've had such a variety of color and items before!  This season is all about color and although I tend to like neutrals, I can't help but want to incorporate colors into my wardrobe.  Which is your favorite piece?  I think the first dress and the Fredericks bustier have to be my favorite.  I was just really excited when I found that TALON metal zipper on the bustier.  Anyone else get excited over zippers? Ha.

1 comment:

  1. The bustier is great, and I love the blue 40s dress. Lovely update!