March 21, 2012

Mid Week Shop Update

1930s 40s Black Novelty Print dress.

greige 1960s wiggle dress.

bold 1960s red slingbacks

1960s needlepoint purse

amazing bullock's raw silk with ecru lace cocktail dress and larger size! (will be listed later tonight!)

salmon linen sheath dress- larger size also!

adorable flapper style 1960s 2 piece dress set

another adorable Lady Manhattan blouse

beautiful silk scarf with little tulips!

A cute little shop update with more sleek dresses rather than my full skirted dresses.  I'm starting to really like that silhouette lately and am on a hunt for the perfect one for some weddings I need to attend in the summer.  Also, I'm 40 sales away from 1,000 so take advantage of the discount while you can!

1 comment:

  1. *SIGH* Your shop makes me weep for the lack of pennies I have in my pockets. hahaha Great great GREAT finds as always. I know I will buy something from you one day ^_^