March 14, 2012

Hints of Red

1960s Cotton Slip dress by Laros

1950s 60s Wrap Dress. One of my favs in the shop right now.

1970s Beige Fringed Ferragamo Oxfords

1980s Blue Wooden Beaded Necklace

1950s Monet Necklace

1950s Coral Pink Dress

1950s Yellow Shirtwaist Dess

1970s Batik Midi Knife Pleated Skirt

1950s Cherry Red Kelly Handbag

1960s Tapestry Wallet

1970s Sheer Blue Handkerchief Skirt Dress

It's been several weeks since my last shop update.  I still have reds and pinks creeping in due to an overflow from Valentine's Day I guess.  I got a little pink and red happy this year.  I think it has to do with having a daughter.  Good thing pairing red and pink seems to be the trend this season, which I have to admit is actually nice to look at.  Enjoy the shop update and click on the captions to take you to the item!


  1. I can totally see why that red wrap is your favorite--love! And I had to rush over to your shop to see what size those Ferrgamo kiltie oxfords were. Too small! Just as well--I so don't need another pair of shoes. But they *are* awesome!

  2. The 60s wrap dress is beautiful and it would go so perfectly with those red t-strap mary janes, which I am still wishing were my shoe size!